Technology has changed the way we make movies and television, sometimes in the blink of an eye. In each instance, studios adjusted with unparalleled speed and precision. Paramount Pictures has always been at the forefront of film and television innovation and technologies and appreciates that the next great technological revolution is always just around the corner. The Paramount Pictures Hollywood Project will allow the studio to continue to grow and advance with the latest innovations while staying true to its rich history and place in Hollywood's story.

On The Lot

100 Years of Entertainment

The Paramount Pictures’ studio lot of today has grown significantly over the years, expanding to include the original RKO studio property. It has been part of every major development in film and television, filled with exciting moments and entertainment firsts.

1911 First Filmmakers arrive in Hollywood

Paramount Pictures' Wings wins the first Academy Award for Best Picture.


Paramount launches experimental television stations in Chicago and Los Angeles.


RKO's Citizen Kane revolutionizes filmmaking, using techniques such as low angle shots, tracking shots, low-key lighting, and creative experiments with sound.


On January 18, an astounding 72% of US television sets were tuned into I Love Lucy: Lucy Goes to the Hospital to witness the birth of little Ricky Ricardo, Jr.


Star Trek: The Original Series airs for the first time and becomes a cultural phenomenon resulting in five subsequent series and 11 films.


A franchise is born as the world is introduced to an adventurer named Indiana Jones with the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark winning five academy awards including sound and visual effects.


Titanic uses digital rendering and editing processes that transform filmmaking.


After 11 successful seasons, Paramount Television's Frasier airs its series finale and is acclaimed as one of the most successful spin-off television series of all time.


Paramount launches new feature film animation division.


Paramount Television relaunches.

Paramount Pictures has received over 1,000 Academy Award nominations. At the same time, Paramount continues to build on emerging technologies.